Inhuman Condition

17 Aug

I stumbled across the web series Inhuman Condition entirely accidentally, and am really enjoying it. Tori Higginson stars as Dr. Michelle Kessler, a therapist who treats supernatural patients, and the show is being aired on YouTube as a series of five-to-eight-minute episodes.

It’s an interesting format, and the series handles it well — there’s essentially one scene per episode, mostly therapy sessions, but also glimpses of Michelle’s life and the lives of her patients. I’ve been a fan of Tori Higginson since her Stargate Atlantis days, and she does a good job here with a character who’s well-meaning but not always perfect at handling her feelings about her patients and her position of power as a therapist.

It’s also nice to see a series with multiple queer characters (both Michelle and her werewolf patient Linc are bisexual, and we’ve briefly seen Michelle’s ex-wife Rachel). I appreciated the writers letting Michelle explicitly identify herself as bisexual to fend off any “she experimented with being a lesbian, but she’s really straight” assumptions that viewers might make about a character who has an ex-wife but is now dating a man.

I’m finding the characters likeable, even when we only see tiny snippets of their lives — I’m particularly charmed by Linc’s blend of bravado and vulnerability, but I also like Tamar, who’s struggling to live outside an institution for the first time despite powers that could unleash unspeakable destruction, and Clara, who’s suffering from a disease that will eventually turn her into a mindless killer, and wants to end her life on her own terms.

But I’m mainly intrigued by the format, and how the series plays with its length limitations (and a limited budget — most scenes are shot in a single room with minimal effects) in interesting ways. New episodes are going up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on YouTube’s KindaTV channel, with 33 eps planned for the first season, and I think it’s well worth checking out.


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