Jo Graham on Patreon

22 Aug

So, I live with Jo Graham, which means I get to have her tell me stories.

I know what happens to Lydias after Stealing Fire, and how he winds up on a peculiar and personally awkward mission for Ptolemy. I know what Mitch and Alma and Jerry and Lewis do during World War II, and how Stasi survives life on the home front. I’ve seen drafts of Elza’s adventures in Russia and her intrigues in Paris. I have listened to the stories of entire unwritten novels, including the one about Thaïs and Berenice that I am absolutely dying to see make it onto the page, while making dinner in our kitchen.

Jo isn’t in your kitchen. (I’m sorry.) But you want to hear these stories, too, and pledging to her Patreon will help her spend more time writing them down, and less time on freelance work that isn’t telling stories. Art is long, life is short, but bills are eternal, and must be paid. More bills being paid without freelance work = more time to write things that aren’t sources of immediate income. Plus, you’ll get access to patron-only writing, and some nice additional rewards for pledging $5/month or more.

(Selfishly speaking, it will also mean the two of us can work on more joint projects, like the story of the Mysterium — Constantine Cavafy and Aphra Behn as immortal demon hunters, anyone? Go. Pledge.)

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