Game Review: Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea

13 Oct

I’ve only spent a couple of hours playing Zubmariner so far, but I’m really enjoying the expansion. The number of new ports and amount of new content seems generous for $10.99, and the content is satisfyingly eerie. The underwater ports mainly seem to play on themes of transformation — no one living below the water is entirely, normally human — but in a variety of interesting ways.

Exploring under the water is fascinating, sometimes oddly peaceful, and often quickly lethal (I would recommend extreme caution if you’re in the starting ship or any ship that can’t take a beating.) I’m also finding that it helps make long sea voyages less tedious — I know, I know, they’re supposed to be atmospheric, but I admit to sometimes reading a book while my ship treks across open water and absolutely nothing happens. While submerged, that’s not an option — you’ll quickly run into rocks, ships disguised as wrecks, seaweed that tears your ship apart, or giant carnivorous sea creatures. The sheer difficulty of avoiding obstacles forces me to stop abusing Full Speed and watch where I’m going, and I find that a more satisfying experience.

And it’s just really, deeply cool. Getting to explore the inside of the [redacted] without being digested! Transforming parts of yourself into [redacted]! Luring ships to [redacted] for the uncertain promise of an uncertain reward! Trying to remember to watch your oxygen gauge so that you don’t die a ridiculously preventable death! Attending underwater church services! And the disconcerting experience of returning to the surface of a vast, lightless underground sea filled with horrific creatures and drawing a breath of relief, because now you’re safe. Safer. Safer than you were down there.

Highly recommended.

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